About the Club

What is the Sea Eagle Club?

The Sea Eagle Club is an exclusive club that came about as a result of the Bodø area having the world's densest concentration of white-tailed eagles, also called sea eagles.

The club is a registered charity and was founded on 4 March 1994.

The club's mission is to protect these proud birds, provide information about them and to support other types of creative activity.


Membership may only be achieved by paying a personal visit to Bodø.

The Sea Eagle Club works to stimulate prosperity and development in Bodø.

The Sea Eagle Club works to strengthen people's identity and feeling of belonging in Bodø.

The Sea Eagle Club works to market Bodø's qualities by way of positive discussion and capturing the attention of a broader public.

Membership is available from Bodø Tourist Infomation, phone +47 755 48 000 or via our Member's Shop.


The Club's magnificent sea eagle sculpture can be found at Nedre Torg. It was unveiled on 4 July 1996 and was made by the sculptor Skule Waksvik. It depicts a sea eagle family at the nest.

The Sea Eagle Festival (Havørndager) is arranged during the summer, with a range of activities such as a fun fair, seminars, special shopping offers, competitions at kindergartens, etc.

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